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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  March 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the san jose fire department reaching a tentative deal with the city. the financial sacrifice they're making to avoid job cuts. and the new bay bridge tower moving full speed ahead. the milestone reached, while everyone was sleeping. big time. good morning, everybody. it is friday. march 4. and we're excited about that. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. 6:00 now. let's start with a quick check of weather and traffic before you head out the door on this friday. lawrence, good morning. a good day to get to work early and get off early to enjoy a little sunshine. >> either that or sleep in and enjoy the sunshine later on. a great day. dry weather for the entire day. and it looks like some warm temperatures, almost spring- like by the afternoon. but there are storms on the horizon. and we got the weekend plans, you don't want to miss the
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forecast and the rain could be making a return and we are talk about that in a few minutes but a traffic check with giana. >> thank you, lawrence. the freeways are looking good. dry roadways. nice conditions, a live look at the bij toll plaza. to delays to report. metering lights are off. friday night in san francisco. mass transit problem free. 39 trains running on time for bart. and a look at the south bay conditions in a few minutes. back upstairs to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much. and major progress, i'm sorry, i'm thinking about christin ayers where we're going, new progress on the bay bridge where we're going and construction on the new tower reaches new heights ahead of schedule. >> there is christin ayers with what it means for the time line of the project. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have a major hurdle cleared in the construction of the bridge right now. the fime tower of the four legs -- the final to your of the four legs that will construct that tower actually put up
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around 1:30 this morning. the 500-ton legs were hoisted through the air and put in place over last week. and the crews put it up a full day ahead of schedule and crews say it is too early to predict what kind of savings they have for the bridge but they had to get through some hurdles as they were doing the building. on tuesday, there was wind and rain. and all of that made things a little difficult. however, because of the rest of the week, we never saw that snow, that certainly put them ahead of schedule here and they say in april, coming up in april, they will be completing the top of that bridge, and we're waiting for a press conference right now, they're going to give us more details, on what all they accomplished and what we're looking at, coming ahead but the final step for the actual tower is going to be putting that big cap on the top of the tower. so a major accomplishment for crews out here. they say it is a big morale booster for all of the crews out there. and again, we will have more details coming up in the next
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half hour. frank? >> i'm sure they're very excited about it. it is fun to watch it as it goes up. christin ayers live at the bay bridge this morning. thank you. and some major changes are coming to the way pg&e deals with gas pipeline safety. company officials say they will be sending safety information by mail to anyone living within 2,000 feet of a pipeline. they will also begin installing loom shutoff valves -- automatic shutoff valves on their systems. this comes of course after three days of ntsb hearings in washington on the san bruno blast. the ntsb expects to release its final report in a few months. 6:03. the san jose firefighters union has agreed to major concessions, the city reduced the budget deficit and anne makovec tells us this tentative deal would slash pay and benefits, but it is a start for things. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. unfortunately, a sign of the times, now this deal does still have to be ratified by the city of san jose's 647 firefighters.
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as well as the city council. that is expected to happen by next tuesday. and both parties do seem quite pleased with the deal. the mayor and the president of the firefighters union that made the big announcement of the tentative deal last evening, it amounts to a 10% cut in pay and benefits for the next two years but no further firefighter layoffs. and the deal came as a bit of a surprise to some people because because the city and the firefighters have been at odds for years when it comes to contract negotiations. in fact, 49 firefighters you may remember were laid off last year, because of it. >> this is all a success, and part of collective bargaining and the reason why collective bargaining works is because common sense comes to the table and finds solutions to help the city preserve services and save firefighter's jobs an keep the city public intact and safe. >> little pro union statement there. and that is a new president of the san jose firefighters union. and the deal that they struck also loosens the rules on the
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number of firefighters required on each truck. which they say will give mem more flexibility trying to cover such a big city, with limited personnel. and so what remains to be seen now is if the city's 10 other unions will follow suit. the mayor has asked all of them to give up what amounts to a 10% cut in pay and benefits, and of course, this is all in an effort to reduce the deficit which starting july 1 is $105 million. here in san jose. >> anne makovec in san jose, thank you. it is 6:05. and this morning, protesters at cal are declaring victory. a sit-in. high above the uc berkeley campus with a promise from the administration and ended last night. the protesters stayed together on a fourth floor ledge at cal's wheeler hall and at 9:00, you can see them coming down ending the day's protest against cuts and education and funding. the protesters were cited and released. nobody was raefed. they say school officials met
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their de-- nobody was arrested. they say school officials met their demands and hold a town hall meeting with them in the next few weeks. the board that oversees cal train has declared a fiscal emergency and it will make it easier for the transit agency to raise fares and reduce services as it faces a $30 million deficit and considering scrapping trains and shutting down service at seven bay area stations and cutting the number of weekly trains nearly in half. >> if we lose the midday service, i'm going to be in trouble. sometimes i have to work late. if we lose the evening service, i will have a problem. >> it makes it difficult for individuals to get to doctors and social events and to do the things that normal people do. >> a decision could come next month. well, it looks like a wet weekend. but you know what? if you get out early on friday, primo vera. >> a fantastic day. no rain to worry about. it is a little chilly in spots early on this morning.
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some 30s showing up in some of the north bay valleys and watch out for patchy dense fog. and elsewhere around the bay, i will tell you what, by the afternoon, we're looking pretty good as we sneak in a lot of sunshine and high pressure holding in long enough to bring you sun on friday and spring- like temperatures toward the afternoon. a few high clouds move across our skies. but nothing that is going to ruin your day. and if you are headed out the door, bring a light jacket with you. we have mostly clear conditions and some chilly temperatures to begin with. by the afternoon, you could probably leave the jacket at home. those numbers moving well into the 60s. by the afternoon. but there is some rain in the forecast, for the weekend and we will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now let's check on traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. conditions in the south bay, where things are looking pretty nice this morning, a live look at 101. and the headlights are headed northbound and this is through san jose and traffic looking pretty good overall. and keep in mind if you are going to exit off the 101 freeway to poley road, we have reports of a disabled big rig blocking the off-ramp temporarily while they clear this one out of the way.
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over to the maps we go, the rest of the south bay like this, 880, 237, looking good through millipitas. and south bay, if you're planning on taking 880, no delays to report. and traffic looking pretty good through that portion. that's a look at traffic. back to you upstairs. 6:08. mission impossible. why nasa's $400 million launch was a total failure. and they did not have a good day. plus, new attacks in libbasm the stern demand president obama is making this morning. the new jobs report coming out just about 30 minutes ago. we will tell you whether more people are getting jobs or losing them. ,,,,,, hey marcel, watch this!
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning, folks. a great friday coming your way with a lot of sunshine. a couple of high clouds. and temperatures moving well into the 60s. we will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. well, take those 60s, lawrence, thank you. it is 6:11 today and libyan warplanes bombed the city of prague, leaving the thought that gadhafi will not leave quietly and checkpoints to try to prevent people from joining demonstrations but as planned 1500 people marched out of mosques and security forces fired tear gas at the crowds
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and protesters scattered and regrouped. and in washington, president obama is making a demand. >> let me just be very unambiguous about this. colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power. and leave. that is good for his country. it is good for his people. >> president obama says the full range of options on the table now, including the imposition of a no-fly zone and he warns that anyone responsible for violence against civilians will be held accountable. nasa, we have a problem. and an earth observation satellite is now in the pacific ocean after a failed launch attempt this morning. and that taurus xl rocket lifting off from vandenberg air force base just after 2:00 with the satellite called glory in its nose but a separation of a booster did not occur and that left glory without enough
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velocity to reach orbit. arizona congress woman gabrielle giffords continues to make significant strides after being shot in the head. a spokesperson says the lawmaker is showing emotion, good memory skills, and knowledge of everything from business to song lyrics. and giffords has been undergoing extensive therapy for the past two months ever since the tucson shooting rankage. >> great news. we have not heard much news in the last couple of weeks from her so she continues to get better. 6:13. a request from bart to clean up its act by riders, and complaining about the seats and what the agency is promising to do now. and airline fares are going up again. how much more you will have to pay to get away. and we're starting to see some slight delays, as you work your way through antioch and the rest of you are friday morning commute, coming up in just minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the san jose firefighters' union has reached a tentative deal with the city. it calls for a 10 percent 6:15. a check of some of the top stories. the san diego firefighters union has reached a -- the san jose firefighters union has helped reach a tentative deal to help ease the budget deficit and in exchange the city will not lay off any firefighters for two years. firefighters still need to vote on the deal. the nation's unemployment rate fell to a two-year low last month. 8.9%. that is down slightly from the month before. and the labor department says
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employers added 192,000 jobs. it should be a nice boost for the stock market. and 1500 stake workers in wisconsin in danger of losing their jobs today. governor scott walker expressed a desire to issue pink slips if democrats don't get back to work and wanting them to pass a republican backed measure aimed at easing the state's budget crisis. great weather coming this way on this friday. a lot of sunshine. a beautiful day. how about this? what a great look today. nice clear skies. no threat of rain for this friday. as a matter of fact, by the afternoon, temperatures are going to be almost spring-like outside. as we're looking good. and things chain can as early as the weekend. and we could see some rain return. so enjoy today, and a lot of sunshine coming our way. a couple of patches of fog developing in the north day and temperatures chilly in the 30s and 40s. and by the afternoon, very comfortable. around most parts of the bay area and especially inside the bay and the valleys and the temperatures in the upper 60s in some of the warmer spots and just a couple of high clouds, mixing in with the sunshine.
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here we go. the ridge of high pressure is building in. not a real strong one, and strong enough to hold off the storm systems for now, until the weekend and a few high clouds, going to cruise on above and nothing to ruin your day. let's plan on a dry friday today, with mild temperatures and then as we head toward the weekend, late in the day on sunday, or saturday. there is a chance of a few showers, moving in to parts of the north bay, and then i think overnight, saturday night, into sunday, i think we will watch some of the moisture move further and further south. bring a better chance of rain to everyone. and temperatures like this, 67 degrees, san jose, and 66 in redwood city, and 65 in san mateo, and about 5 in union city. and -- 65 in union city. and east bay in the upper 60s and most spots looking good under mostly cloudy skies. and i -- mostly sunny skies. and the north bay seeing pleasant sunday and warm temperature as high as 66 in the napa valley by the afternoon. and 66 in petaluma. the next couple of days, enjoy today. a chance of showers develop late in the day on saturday. and north of the golden gate bridge. then a chance of rain developing for the rest of the
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bay area overnight saturday night into sunday. and showers could continue into monday. let's get a traffic check. >> let's start out with the altamont pass. with slight delays. pretty much the usual stuff working your way westbound. right around airway, north livermore avenue, that area. and not bad. 16 minutes overall westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680. and highway 4 pretty slow and go. westbound seeing some delays at least from 8th street to somerville pretty typical this time of the morning and traffic pretty light and delays until 8th street. and elsewhere the rest of the east bay problem-free, and no accidents to report, and northbound, you're looking at 880 here, and taillights headed northbound toward the coliseum and toward the maze and everything looking pretty good so far. and southbound, extra volume, we're seeing slightly slower speeds as you head toward hayward and accident free. coming off the east shore freeway, approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and lots of green on the sensors and no delays, 41 miles an hour, and as you work your way for the most part, slight delays with
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lane changes and overall not too bad, and a little bit busy as you approach the toll plaza and no metering lights so traffic is friday light through that portion and a larger look at the bay bridge, and 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and upper deck to san francisco. san mateo bridge, not bad. 13 minutes from 880 to 101. and if you are taking marin county commute, the golden gate bridge this morning, problem- free. no delays to report. in fact the traffic is pretty light as you work your way southbound 101 through the waldo tunnel and near the toll plaza, the golden gate bridge. don't forget our radio partners. >> friday light. we like that. thank you very much. it is 6:20. an nfl contract negotiations, well, they're now in overtime. just hours before a collective bargaining agreement was set to expire last night, well, the nfl and the players union, they sat down and agreed to keep it in place until 9:00 our time, tonight. and now if they can't reach an agreement by then, the next nfl season could be in danger of being canceled. but hopefully they can work out
6:21 am
another extension. or get the thing done all together. gum, dirt, food, stains, well, more bart riders are getting a little upset and nasty over the seats they sit on. that's according to the latest satisfaction survey. and bart administrators say the cleanliness and the fare increase brought down the overall satisfaction rate from 84 to 82%. and the board members have agreed to enforce a program to replace worn-out car seats and overall car interiors. my wife ran it for the first time a few weeks ago and said they looked beautiful compared to what is going on boston so i guess it depends on where you are from. 6:21. up, up, and away. and we're talking air fares and how much more you will pay the next time you fly the friendly skies. and it is a little spider turning into a very, very big problem. how it is putting some mazda owners at risk when you drive. we will tell you about that, and much more, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, from the traffic center, traffic conditions on 101 san jose, and looking good in both directions. overall. but keep in mind if you're exiting this area, a disabled tractor trailer, having a little trouble getting through the off-ramp. the lanes are blocked through that area. expect delays through there. that's a look at the morning commute. more coming up in just minutes. >> thank you very much.
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6:24. the skies is the limit for air fares and yesterday, kicking off a new round of ticket hikes with a $20 increase for some democratic flights and american added 10 bucks but applied it to all trips. and united and continental and u.s. airways did the same. this is the sixth time that those airlines have raised fares in the past month. and they're blaming it on rising fuel costs. chrysler recalling a quarter million vehicles, to fix an ignition problem. the recall affects 2010 dodge grand caravan, town and country minivans and dodge journey crossovers. chrysler says the ignition key could move and cause the engine to shut off while driving. it is 6:25 now. a very small insect is causing a very big problem. it is prompting the recall of tens of thousands of cars. the yellow sack spider seems to be partial to mazda 6. for some reason or another, it is the reason the company is now recalling 65,000 cars. the spider likes to crawl into an area near the fuel injection
6:26 am
and then spin a web and lay eggs. that could cause a crash, leading to a gas spill and maybe even a fire. >> as soon as they put their nest or their web in there, the system thinks that it is sealed. and it actually needs to vent. so where it needs to vent to atmosphere, the web is trapping it. >> well, mazda is sending dealerships that specialized brush you saw right there to remove the webs and the company plans to install a spring in order to keep the spiders out. and you can just kind of hear a collective sigh from the folks at toyota saying oh, good, it is not us. >> but you know, why a mazda? >> with this spider? >> it is probably a coincidence more than anything else. but well, at any rate, they're out there. >> were 26. coming up undercover -- 6:26. coming up undercover cops in the hot seat and did officers cross the line in a drug bust?
6:27 am
d.e.a. officers discuss the allegations. and drama ahead of the uc berkeley campus and student protesters, up top, to down on the ground. we will tell you about that, coming up. and the big milestone reached in construction of the main tower on the bay bridge. we will tell you some of the problems crews ran into. and after years of very contention back and forth a deal is struck between the city of san jose and its firefighters but it is not over yet. we will tell you what is next coming up. down the stretch they come. looking good on this friday. temperatures running up into the 60s. we will take a look at the weekend forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kohara. good morning, everyone. it is friday, the 4th of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. the time is 6:30. and let's check in with lawrence. we got kind of a cool start. but a really nice finish on friday. >> i think it is a winner today. we've got a lot of sunshine coming our way. great start. a little chilly. but by the afternoon, dry all day long, a couple of high clouds, and a lot of sunshine coming our way. the big question, what about rain over the weekend? we could see some. and we will talk about that coming up and right now a
6:31 am
traffic check. >> and we have some troubles in the south bay. if you're headed on 101 northbound, and the off-ramp there is possibly blocked due to a disabled big rig and it is having a tough time so expect slight delays with yellow on the screen. no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. a complete look at traffic coming up. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:31. moving on up. the suspension tower on the new bay bridge is now nearly as high as it will ever been. christin ayers is at the bay bridge to explain what crews were doing at 1:00 in the morning while we were asleep or some of us just getting up. good morning. >> good morning, frank. as you and i were just getting up this morning, crews on the main tower, working on the main tower of the bay bridge, managed to hoist the final leg of the tower in place, and completing a big milestone in their project to finish this tower. we just got out of a press conference, caltrans officials told us that it should have taken crews about 30 hours for
6:32 am
each of those 500-ton steel legs. instead they managed to finish the work in 92 hours flat. that's a big milestone and a big morale booster we hear from caltrans officials. they work through wind and rain. on tuesday. and which made it tough to get those legs in the air. they were swaying back and forth with a lot of that wind. and they did manage to get them all in place. with good weather throughout the rest of the week. and caltrans spokesman bart ney told us what it means for the project overall. >> a significant milestone for our projects. because it signifies the completion of the tower leg and now the remaining portion of our iconic tower, it is just the top that will be placed the first week of april. this has been an around the clock operation that our crews have done. and the team from american bridge -- >> reporter: and as he mentioned, the last portion of the construction happening in
6:33 am
april, that big cap going to go on top of the tower, and bring it up to its final 525 feet. we're actually going to get to take a close look of what that cap looks like, we will have a chance to see what the scale is and that work will start in april. frank? >> sounds great. christin ayers live at the bay bridge, thank you. 6:33. a day on a ledge for protesters at cal. and they came away with promises from the university. a eight protesters chained themselves together on the bridge of the fourth floor of cal hall came down last night and they were cited and released. they say school officials met their demands. [ cheering ] >> basically, they agreed to, the administration, to have a town hall meeting with us, talking to the students, faculty and workers and have an open dialogue about issues about operational excellence, and the budget cuts.
6:34 am
>> there is no word though on when the town hall meeting will happen. firefighters in the city of san jose are reaching a tentative deal to slash pay and benefits. and anne makovec is in san jose with what happens next. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the deal still has to be ratified by san jose, 647 firefighters, including those here at station nine behind me in the cambrian area of san jose and also by the city council which is meeting on tuesday, expected to approve this deal, because boat sides really do seem pleased with it. the san jose mayor and the president of the union made the big announcement last evening on the tentative deal and it amounts to a 10% cut in pay and benefits for the next two years for firefighters. but no further layoffs. now, the deal did come as a bit of a surprise to some people. because the city and the firefighters have been at odds for years, when it comes to contract negotiations, and in fact, you might remember, 489
6:35 am
firefighters were laid off last year because of it. -- 49 firefighters were laid off last year because of it. >> they stepped up and i want to acknowledge the sacrifices that they are prepared to make, to save the jobs of their co- workers and to preserve services for the city of san jose. >> mayor chuck reed, you just heard from there, the deal also loosens the rules on the number of firefighters required on each truck, which thy say will give them more flexibility, trying to cover such a big city with limited personnel. so now, reed will have to see if the city's other unions are planning on following suit. there are 10 other unions here in san jose, and the mayor wants all of them to agree to a 10% cut in pay and benefits, like the firefighters just did. and of course, this is all an effort to close a $105 million budget deficit for the year that starts on july 1. >> anne, thank you very much, anne makovec in san jose. 6:35 the time. and if you love friday, and we do by the way, you are going to love it even more, because
6:36 am
lawrence has sot great news for you. -- has some great news for you because we have sunshine coming up. >> what's not to love about that? we have friday. a little sunshine. and almost spring-like temperatures by the afternoon. hey, the sun is coming up. the mount vaca cam picking up on that nicely and not too many clouds to worry about. although we have a couple of patches of fog outside and watch out for that. other than that, we are looking good. and a little chilly, too. as some of those numbers are running in the 30s. in parts of the north bay valley. but still, we've got a whole lot of sunshine coming your way. that will warm the temperatures up very nicely as we head toward the afternoon. so kind of a cool start around the bay area. but the high pressure will hold on, a few clouds will trickle across your skies and most of it just high clouds making their way on through and otherwise we are looking good and mostly clear early on with the exception of the patchy fog and lots of sunshine, by the afternoon, and the temperatures up into the 60s. and let's get a traffic check with giann a. >> we will start out with the bay bridge toll plaza. i checked in with keith, and still no metering lights.
6:37 am
but we're seeing slight delays. a live look at the cash lanes right there. a little slow. maybe through the cal tran parking lot. but 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and altamont pass, a bit busier. and highway 4 continues to be a slow and go ride to somerville. not too bad off the bridge. and northbound 101, in south bay, the kelly off-ramp still blocked for a big rig trying to get through. starting to see some delays on the main line as well. southbound 101 backed up through san jose. that's a look at traffic. back upstairs to you guys. >> 6:37 your time. pg&e is promising to change the way it does business. the company officials say they will be sending safety information by mail to anyone living within 2,000 feet of the pipeline. they will also begin installing loom shutoff valves on their -- automatic shutoff valves on their systems, after three days of ntsb hearings in washington after the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. ntsb expects to release its final report in a few months.
6:38 am
your morning commute could soon get a little more expensive. if you ride cal train. yesterday, the board that oversees the agency declared a fiscal emergency. and that makes it easier for them to raise fares, and reduce services, to help close a $30 million deficit in their budget. they are considering scrapping weekend trains, and shutting down services at seven bay area stations all together. and cutting the number of weekday trains nearly in half. and the decision could come next month. 6:38. mission impossible. nasa says it's tempt a few hours ago to launch an international research satellite into orbit was a failure. taurus xl satellite rocket lifting off from vandenberg's air force base as planned after 2:00, a protective shell did not separate from the glory satellite as it should have. and that left the satellite without enough velocity to reach orbit. and now, nasa says both the rocket and satellite are lost. >> and all indications are that
6:39 am
the satellite and the rocket were -- is in the southern pacific ocean somewhere. >> the $424 million satellite was supposed to monitor particles in the atmosphere and track solar radiation. right now, in libya, protesters streaming from mosques in tripoli are chanting for moammar gadhafi to be ousted. firefighters loyal to gadhafi are setting up checkpoints in the capital to try to prevent people from joining the demonstration but more than 1,000 still took part. security forces firing tear gas into the crowd and the protesters scattered but then regrouped. security forces then fired live ammunition, though it is not clear if they fired into the air, or at people. it is 6:39 now. and did you buy an i-pad just before the price dropped? apple's got a plan to give you a couple of bucks back. >> plus, a case of undercover cops behaving badly.
6:40 am
san francisco's d.a. joining us to talk about the video tape sparking an investigation. the market opened about 10 minutes ago. a quick check of the early numbers and we've got red arrows all pointing down. that's no fun. but coming up we will get a little update from kcbs money watch reporter jason brooks. try our new, fresh salmon at sizzler. [ female announcer ] served with your choice of side dish. all for only $12.99. and get our endless salad bar for just $2.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday. um, these days we're all trying to save money, that's why i'm shooting this commercial myself, at home. it's really easy and i can pass the savings onto you. okay, ready for the food part?
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all right. looking good across the bay area to start you out on a friday. sunshine in many spots right now. sun just coming up over the bay. looking good right now. and i will tell you what, it could look better toward the afternoon and spring-like temperatures outside around the bay area, and still, a couple of patches of fog showing up in some of the valleys and watch out for that, and cool temperatures, 30s and some 40s. but by the afternoon, you will love this, folks. temperatures moving well into the 60s. and by the afternoon, especially inside the bay, and the valleys, a mixture of some sunshine, and a few high clouds. just cruising on by. and nothing to ruin the day. looking good. as high pressure is sneaking in and giving us a break from the stormy weather and storms off the coastline, those will be paying a visit over the weekend, but for today, should be a dry day outside. with some very mild temperatures as we head in toward the afternoon. and then late in the day, on saturday, a chance of some showers, heading no parts of the north bay, and as we look toward the afternoon hours, and
6:44 am
then overnight saturday night and into sunday, as we had the showers further to the south. hey, you want to do some skiing, it looks like a great day to be up there but bring the chains with you, as the storm may happen in the high country. be prepared in f-ur -- if you're headed in that direction. 67 in san jose. and 65 union city. and mixture of high clouds in the east bay. and the north bay. also looking fantastic. after a couple of patches of fog early on. the numbers up into the 50s and the 60s. well, if you got plans for the week, there is a chance of showers late in the day on saturday, mainly north of the golden gate bridge and spread to the south overnight saturday night and into sunday. and the showers could continue into monday. before drying out on tuesday. and wednesday. and all right, let's get a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you, lashes -- thank you, lawrence. a look at 101 through san jose and extra volume, and headlights headed northbound near mckey. south of there, a slight
6:45 am
problem. you can see we have a couple of things going on. some delays right now as you work your way on 101 northbound out of the southbound but then traffic looks good. a disabled big rig blocking lanes of the off-ramp. not affecting the main line. traffic is just a little sluggish there, probably for spectator slowing. and give yourself extra time. delays at the altamont pass, typical. and airway and north livermore with some of the slower spots and westbound highway 4 sluggish as you work your way from 8th street to somerville and the east shore freeway this morning and headed out the door and so far, so good, lots of green on the roadways as you work your way toward the bay bridge and approaching the bay bridge, slight delays here at the toll plaza, backed up here, and they have not turned the metering lights on though, 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so it is safe to say it is friday light. extra volume though as you work your way across the upper deck into san francisco. the rest of the bay area, problem free. both directions of the san man bridge. looking good between 880 and
6:46 am
101. and also working your way out of marin county. no delays to report. about 8-10 minutes to go from 37 to 580. on that southbound side of 101, and once you approach the golden gate bridge, traffic looking pretty good. extra volume for the morning commute but overall fairly light. a disabled vehicle on the 5th street on-ramp to eastbound 80. right there at the skyway. so use caution as you head toward 80 but overall, not affecting the main line. don't forget kcbs7:40 a.m. and 106.9 f.m. back upstairs to you guys. >> thank you very much. 6:46. if you recently bought the original i-pad, apple will give you $100. >> that's pretty cool. you can get the refund only though if you bought the device within the past couple of weeks. and online shoppers should call customer service, and the company rolled back prices by $100 when it unveiled the big i- pad 2, on wednesday of this week. >> i think i bought mine three weeks ago, so i just missed it. >> i bought mine in november so i am way out of luck. >> facebook getting a new friend in this morning's jobs report. and a lot better than expected.
6:47 am
>> here now is jason brooks with kcbs, cbs money watch .com. let's turn and say hi to you. good morning. >> good morning. a very good report coming from the labor department for february. we saw a net gain of 192,000 new jobs. both of that, all of that frankly coming from the private sector. which added 222,000 jobs. state and local governments cut 30,000. and as they have to deal with massive budget short falls. and this is the kind of job gain we need to see on a sustained basis, to really improve the employment picture. the unemployment rate did drop slightly from 9 to 8.9%. and it does take those monthly gains of 200,000 though to bring the rate further down. we had the rate drop quite a bit over the past couple of months because simply hundreds of thousands of people simply stopped looking for work. and jobs are typically lagging indicator for the economy, so this is a sign that employers are starting to feel pretty good about their own prospects, and what they see the economy doing, going forward. oil will be a big factor in all
6:48 am
of that, as oil prices have been heading higher. and facebook, looking to get a very big investment from an east coast-based investment firm, and cnbc saying general atlantic is picking up a 10% stake in facebook, and that would value the company at $65 billion. just think. a year ago, the valuation of facebook was around $12 billion. that a meterric rise in one year. the stock market staying kind of flat right now after huge gains yesterday. the jobs report was expected. no surprises there. and oil is up once again on the libyan fighting. and up over to over $100 a barrel. the s&p is off by two points. >> and what, jason, mark zucker berg is all of 26 years old? >> i don't think you have to
6:49 am
worry about raising money any time soon and doing well and that's why he is not interested in a public offering and he wants to maintain control as long as he can. >> and over a half billion right now. >> people keep joining. >> and thank you, jason brooks. and several officers in san francisco in san francisco under investigation at this hour. accused of police misconduct and even perjury. with more on this case, an the surveillance video, let's go to cbs 5 political insider phil matier, and a former police chief and now district attorney george gascone. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. i utes to call you chief until a couple of weeks ago, so what is it now? >> you can call my hey you. >> that's right. well, the two people that cringe the most when they see a video like that are the police chief and the district attorney. you happen to be the police chief when that video was taken
6:50 am
and now the district attorney. let's go right to it. what are you going to do about it? >> i'm very, very concerned obviously. we want to make sure that we do a thorough investigation. because this case involves a great deal of courtroom behavior. we're actually taking the lead on it. and i'm having our own investigators take the lead on this. we want to ensure it moves through very quickly and we will let the evidence speak to itself. >> what we are talking about is the evidence we see here and the issue is how properly or improperly some of the cops were executing search warrants and in this case they cover up the surveillance camera allegedly to show or not to show that they got permission to go into that room. which some people say they didn't. >> and there was heroin found in that room. >> now, how can you investigate this? you were the former police chief. the public defender is already raising questions about. it you were the former police chief and now the d.a. and in effect investigating yourself. >> i am not investigating myself. clearly i was very far down the
6:51 am
line from the events that occur on the street, but if you look, actually last year, i created a criminal internal affairs division because i recognized there will be times when police officers are accused of creating criminal misconduct and we wanted to make sure internally that we had a good process. and in this particular case though, the allegationless really have to do with courtroom behavior. there is a possibility or at least there is an allegation that this office committed perjury in the courtroom. and the d.a.'s office has the act to investigate cases. we have -- we have our own investigative amp. that's what we're doing. >> is there a conflict there because fe this perjured him here and there, and bring in other cases, and a lot of cases could be tossed because of this. >> we have a task force put together. and we have attorneys that are working possibly through the weekend, to examine cases that might have involved this officer. so that we can determine very quickly how many or if there are other cases that need to be dismissed. the one thing that i want to
6:52 am
make sure is sthra we do not have a repeat of the crime lab and if there are cases that need to be dismissed we will -- that we do not have a repeat of the crime lab and if there are cases to be dismissed, we will do so immediately. >> and there could be cases that could be damaged by this particular event, we want to look at them. and one thing that i want to make sure, if we have anybody that is in jail today that shouldn't be there, that we release them immediately. >> let me ask you. we know have you an investigation going. we know that the police have an investigation going. and what about the feds? are they getting involved at this point? >> well, i have not personally talked to the bureau of -- the bureau of federal investigation. i have been told that they may look into possible violations of sifertsz which would be a common practice. we are looking at state issues. we're primarily looking at issues of perjury and testimony in court and the federal bureau of investigation could look at violation of civil rights but i have not personally talked about that. >> and one of the things that the public defender has raised, this is systemic. it is not an isolated incident.
6:53 am
reaction to that? >> i don't believe this is systemic. i believe that the majority of the men and women of the san francisco police department are working under very difficult condition, trying to do the right things all the time. i don't want to jump to conclusions and say that there is anything wrong here until we conduct our investigation. but i have a strong belief that if in fact this office has committed a crime, this is not indicative of the work that most of the men and women are doing. >> final question. do you have any idea how many cases might be tossed as a result of this? >> we really don't know at this point. that's what we're actually going through. we're taking a look at all of the cases that have been involved with these officers. and we should know by monday or tuesday. >> all right. thanks for stopping by. you look like you got your work cut out for you you. >> phil matier and the district attorney george gascon, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. 6 a 3. one major step closer to the new bay bridge. >> a key piece of the pz ul. >> a big piece. >> put into place overnight. the challenge -- that almost threw crews off schedule. if you have a comment to
6:54 am
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topped out. 6:57. this morning, the new bay bridge suspension tower almost topped out. christin ayers is at the bay bridge where the tower was finished actually' head of schedule early this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. crews finishing almost a full day ahead of schedule. originally it was supposed to take them about 30 hours to hoist each 500-ton steel leg into the air. and get it established on the bridge. instead, it took a total of 92 hours. to finish all four, putting them as i said a full day ahead of schedule. and there were weather issues on tuesday. wind and rain forced crews to stop for several hours, and stop that work. however, because the weather cooperated for the rest of the time, last week, they were able to continue. and pull ahead of schedule. to get that bridge up. the last bit of construction that they have to do on that tower is to actually put a cap
6:58 am
on top of those four legs, and that cap and the tower itself will actually hold the entire bridge together. right now, caltrans is telling us it is too early to tell how this will all impact the cost, as it could very well save them some money, getting this done early, but again, this will not be finished until 2013, so quite a lot of time before we know whether there will be any impact. >> christin ayers, thank you very much at the bay bridge. 6:58. a last check of weather. let's say hi to lawrence and say round of applause, my man. >> hey, yeah. it worked out okay today. a lot of sunshine out there right now. a couple of patches of fog, too. bullet as we head toward the afternoon, a dry day, all day -- but as we head toward the afternoon, a dry day all day long and upper 60s in some of the warmer spots this weekend and we have some showers late in the day, in parts of the north bay, and then overnight, saturday night, into sunday, stretching across the rest of the bay area and showers continuing into monday. and all right, got a great picture for you, on this friday, and overlooking the
6:59 am
fog, and charles lindsey sent this, in taking in concord and if you have a picture here, you can send it to my pix @ cbs- one last look at the traffic with gianna. >> if you're heading out of town, maybe sierra nevada, so far, so good. no chain restrictions. but don't forget to take them with you. things could change quickly. so far, so good, 80, 50, and 88. closer to home, east shore freeway commute, problem free. lots of green on the roadways. a slight delay or a few slight delays toward the toll plaza. oakland, not bad at all. both directions clear. and looking good southbound into hayward and elsewhere seeing some delays northbound 101, capital expressway, and all the way toward the toll, a big rig blocking the off-ramp. back to you guys. >> friday light. we love it. thanks for watching the cbs 5 early edition. and have a great weekend, everybody. we see you back here on monday. we av


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